Friends of Los Monegros


Would you like to belong to an association whose main aim is to do, promote and/or facilitate activities connected with all Science and Humanities fields in the Los Monegros area?

Now, if you want ... YOU CAN.

AMIGOS DE LOS MONEGROS (FRIENDS OF LOS MONEGROS) is a non-profit cultural association which wants to draw together all the people who have an interest in the natural, artistic and anthropological heritage of Los Monegros. The idea is to work today to preserve and recover our heritage and make it last until tomorrow.

This is how we are organised:

- Any person can be a member of the Association. There are no prerequisites.

- Decisions are taken by an assembly. The assembly is permanent, and its members are connected via the internet by the "Monegros" mailing list.

- To subscribe to the "Monegros" mailing list you have to post an empty e-mail to the following address: . To unsubscribe all you have to do is post an empty e-mail to .

- Membership of AMIGOS DE LOS MONEGROS doesn't involve paying any fees or taking on any other obligations. The relationships of the members with one another and with the Los Monegros area are altruistic and based on affection.

- If you do not wish, or cannot, subscribe to the "Monegros" mailing list and yet want to be a member of AMIGOS DE LOS MONEGROS, you can then become a "sympathiser". "Sympathisers" give their support to the association, although they cannot take part in its decisions.

- On the other hand, you can subscribe to the "Monegros" mailing list without becoming a member of the Association. The List is a forum where subscribers can debate and get/give information on a myriad aspects of the area.

Do you want more information? Do not hesitate... write to right away!


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